Our much-loved President died on 23 October 2021 aged 90. Margaret grew up in Somerset and attended Sidcot School. She was a talented pianist and was offered a place at the Royal School of Music in 1949. During the last year at the college, she trained as a teacher and after graduating in 1952 she gained a post as music teacher at Micklefield Girls School in Seaford and began enriching the lives of girls at the school and Seaford in general. Later on, many people used her nickname ‘Lady Seaford’, though not maybe whilst she was in earshot.

Margaret married Randle Darwall-Smith in 1962. Randle had been an Intelligence Officer during WW2 and played first class cricket for Sussex in 1946. Randle was now Headmaster of St Wilfred’s Prep School, another of Seaford’s many private schools at the time. Margaret shared her inspirational teaching at St Wilfred’s and became Director of Music at Newlands School.

The Society has been blessed with a number of able Music Directors but Margaret stands out for her long-standing and sage support of the Society. In 1969 she was honoured with the title of President in recognition of the tremendous work she had done for the choir. This lasted until 1972 when Lady Rhoda Birley of Charleston Manor took over the title.

Margaret was Chairman of the Society from 1964 to 1973 and Music Director from 1965 to 1969 and again from 1970 to 1977. She was appointed President in 2015 in recognition of her many contributions to the Society and she continued to take a deep interest in it until her death, providing much appreciated support for the Chairs.

Thank you, Margaret.