Reviews of Only Remembered Concert November 2018


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Autumn Concert review 24.11.18

A message from our Chairman:

Wow! What an amazing concert. You all worked so hard and the result

was stunning. I have had much feedback via emails, verbal, comment

slips and a lovely letter. I am so pleased you all enjoyed it and,

most importantly, had fun. This is one comment that was made on our

Facebook page. “Was a brilliant night!! Came to see my daughter sing

from Seaford Primary and was blown away by the rest of you too and the

gentleman. I brought with me had a splendid night meeting lovely

people!! Great community spirit, well done to all”. You can’t say

fairer than that. Thank you for your comments and letters. One letter

has summed it up in a sentence – “We are indeed fortunate to belong to

a great choral society”. If anyone has family that took photographs

and you feel you want to share them please send them to me. They will

be gratefully received.


The concert was a sell-out – in a greater part because you brought

along your families and friends to hear it. This says much about our

confidence. Thank you Colin and John. Donations amounted to £340. An

amazing sum that we can pass on to SSAFA.