Seaford Choral Society

Who we are

The Society exists to:
Nurture a love of music and joy of singing amongst the membership and wider community.

What we stand for

Friendly, Fun, Musically Adventurous, Community Minded

1. Friendly
● SCS is a place to make new friends.
● Fellowship is at the heart of our choir. We go out of our way to make all members feel
welcome, included and supported.
● We are inclusive of members of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We support new singers
and those who don’t read music, whilst also providing a level of challenge for our most
experienced members.
● We care for and look after each other.

2. Fun
● We have fun in our rehearsals and concerts
● There is joy in just singing together.
● Rehearsals are inspiring and therapeutic – we leave buzzing and smiling.
● Enjoyment is more important than technical perfection, but we are aiming for excellence
and being the very best we can be when we perform (because that is part of the fun).
● We want our audiences to have fun too.

3. Musically Adventurous
● We are adventurous in our choice of music and prepared to put ourselves out of our comfort
zone – raising the musical expectations of ourselves and our audience.
● We grow in confidence by not being afraid to sing out and make mistakes as we learn.
● We believe in lifelong learning and aim to develop, nurture and hone the musical skills of all
our members, whatever their level.
● We sing together for a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

4. Community
● We are a local choir that draws from and supports the local community.
● Providing diverse, quality, affordable music for the community.
● Providing opportunities for, and supporting, local musicians.
● Providing opportunities for local children’s choirs.
● Raising funds for local charities.