Membership Policy

Policy on membership of the Seaford Choral Society

We are keen to welcome new members to the choir.  However, limitations on rehearsal and performance space mean that we are only able to accommodate [100] members at any one time.

It is important to have a balance of singing parts.  Accordingly, we need to limit the number of voices in any section to [30] each for Soprano and Alto voices, and [20] each for Tenors and Basses.

Nevertheless, we welcome new members at any time and we currently have around 80 singing members of the choir.

It is important that all members attend rehearsals and concerts.  However, it is recognised that a member may have to withdraw temporarily for a number of reasons, such as serious illness, family pressures, or major holidays.  If a member does need to take leave of absence, he or she is expected to notify the Society of this, and an absence of up to two terms will be allowed without forfeiting his or her membership.  Where a member is absent for an entire term without notifying the Society, or where a member who has notified the Society is absent for more than two terms, that member’s membership will be deemed to have lapsed, and the Secretary will send a letter to that effect.